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      I had the best experience at the Anllo Center yesterday.  Heather was so helpful and informative.  I felt like I knew her my entire life.  She loves what she does and she talks to you and she isn't even trying to sell you anything.  I felt so relieve when I left there yesterday because she explained what I needed to do to get my skin like hers.  I felt so full of hope not to mention I left there looking better than I ever anticipated.  She taught me about my skincare regime which I had no idea I was doing it all wrong and she helped me with my make up and I ended up buying some.  

She made me feel comfortable and great about myself.  I will definately be returning every six weeks.  The place is a gold mine that I never knew exsisted and it's only two minutes from my work.  I cannot wait to return! Thank you so much for an amazing experience.

~L.S.  Allentown

     Ladies add the Anllo Center to your list for Santa !!!!! I have recently visited the center to have Jennifer do my eyebrows ( permanently ) and as usual she is on point!!!! Eyebrows are her "thing" !!  Over the years my eyebrows have gotten thinner and lighter so I have spent countless hours trying to brush them on, use stencils, and pencils.  I have better things to do so along with previously having my eyeliner done permanently.  I added the eyebrows and sooooo glad I did!  Jen and her staff are so kind and caring, what a great experience.

~RC Allentown



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~S.B. Doylestown


I am proud to be a regular client of Jennifer Anllo, who runs the Anllo Center for Aesthetics in Allentown, PA.  Over the past thirteen years, I have been consistently pleased with Jennifer's professionalism and knowledge; her personal approach to treating my skin sets her apart.  She knows exactly what my skin needs to stay healthy and look vibrant. I drive two hours roundtrip every five weeks because there is no one else who I would trust to take care of my skin in such a skilled and careful manner as Jennifer does.  In addition, the entire staff at Anllo Center for Aesthetics is considerate and helpful. Jennifer Anllo has my highest, warmest recommendation for anyone who wants the best skin care experience.

~K.H Easton

 First time at the Center today, and I LOVED it! Linda beamed a friendly welcome and Heather made me feel so comfortable in her chair! I could have easily fallen asleep, it was so relaxing! Heather is charming, beautiful, and you can tell she is passionate about what she does! I can't wait to go back! LOVE MY ANLLO GLOW! 

~A.Z Allentown


This has been the best experience!! I wish I could rate it 10 stars! I find great value in both a skilled and educated staff, combined with warmth and friendliness. They take so much time and make you feel as if you’re the only client. I truly appreciate the attention to detail and truly going above and beyond to provide both a skilled & amazing service with such attention and comfort. Absolutely love this team and the atmosphere!

Adding onto my review as I experience more—a week after my “Anllo glow” and my skin feels and looks amazing! I was getting a rosacea on my cheeks and it’s practically gone already!

Thank you for the best skin, brows and overall healthier look!!!!!

~S.S Bethlehem

 Wow! So much I can say! From the second you walked in to Anllo, you are greeted by the lovely Linda! She is so warm and accommodating. It was my first time there and I felt like I was right at home. Skin care is VERY important to me and I put a lot of trust to those who preform services on my face. Jennifer was BEYOND WORDS wonderful. She is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and absolutely beautiful. I look forward to coming back here each month and keeping up with my routine to get healthy, glowing skin. After my tri-level peel, my skin has never felt smoother in my life! I love these ladies! 

~ C.S. New Town Square

 As a plastic surgeon who has had the honor and privilege to work with Jennifer Anllo, I can say without reservation that her bedside manner is exceptional, her skills refined, and her results truly beautiful. I simply cannot recommend her highly enough. 

~K.S. Allentown

 Jen fixed my problem skin when a dermatologist could not. She helped heal a scar on my 5 year old's face after an accident, and it has almost disappeared.... I wouldn't trust anyone else with my skin! 



 “My wife had been going to see Jennifer and Heather for awhile. I was never really sure what exactly happened there, but her skin always looked great after her treatments.
After a few visits, she told me she was going to try some Botox with Ashley. I’ll admit, at first I thought Botox was ridiculous, but after seeing the results on my wife, I was seriously impressed.
Then she started talking to me about it and eventually convinced me to try a little Botox as well. I’m 44 years old and have worked outdoors my entire life. I never really wore sunglasses as I can’t stand to wear them while working. So yeah, over the years, I developed some serious ‘squinting wrinkles’ next to my eyes. Those things really make you look old!
I went in to meet with Ashley and she made me feel so incredibly comfortable. I seriously don’t know if I’ve ever met a nicer person. We discussed what I wanted done, she made a few suggestions and now, all I can say is ‘wow!!’ I cant believe the difference a few injections every few months can make. I look at pictures of myself that were taken just a few months before my first treatment and it’s amazing the difference. I am sold!
I’ve been back for two more treatments after the initial treatment and it just seems to get better each time. Ashley is a true professional at what she does and an absolute joy to be around. Highly recommended!!! I haven’t been asked for my ID at a bar in years, and guess what happened twice recently after a few Botox treatments?


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