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Botox Correction

Botox is a common way to look more youthful.    Botox blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles. The injected muscle can no longer contract, which causes the wrinkles to relax and soften. It is most often used on forehead lines, crow's feet (lines around the eye) and frown lines.   Botox freezes muscle movement by blocking neuro-transmitters  and this effect lasts for 4-6 months – this means you will need top-ups a few times a year if you wish to maintain your line-free look.

Ask about our signature Lip Pop which will help with those little fine lines on the top lip. 


~ J. S. 

 “My wife had been going to see Jennifer and Heather for awhile. I was never really sure what exactly happened there, but her skin always looked great after her treatments.
After a few visits, she told me she was going to try some Botox with Ashley. I’ll admit, at first I thought Botox was ridiculous, but after seeing the results on my wife, I was seriously impressed.
Then she started talking to me about it and eventually convinced me to try a little Botox as well. I’m 44 years old and have worked outdoors my entire life. I never really wore sunglasses as I can’t stand to wear them while working. So yeah, over the years, I developed some serious ‘squinting wrinkles’ next to me eyes. Those things really make you look old!
I went in to meet with Ashley and she made me feel so incredibly comfortable. I seriously don’t know if I’ve ever met a nicer person. We discussed what I wanted done, she made a few suggestions and now, all I can say is ‘wow!!’ I cant believe the difference a few injections every few months can make. I look at pictures of myself that were taken just a few months before my first treatment and it’s amazing the difference. I am sold!
I’ve been back for two more treatments after the initial treatment and it just seems to get better each time. Ashley is a true professional at what she does and an absolute joy to be around. Highly recommended!!! I haven’t been asked for my ID at a bar in years, and guess what happened twice recently after a few Botox treatments?

First time cleints & Pricing

Our Botox is $12 a unit.  However, if you are a first time client we will have your first visit at $11 a unit.  


Your Botox injections will take approximately 7-10 days to show full effect.  Your will need to continue to receive Botox every 3-6 months.