Smile Lines Filler


Smooth Away your Smile Lines

Being happy and smiling is so good for your health.  But, all that smiling you have been doing can reek havoc on your face.  It's that repetitive movement and the fact that when we age we lose elasticity caused by lack of production of collagen.  There are some skincare treatments that we can do to help collagen production, but if you are looking for something that will give you an immediate result... Dermal Fillers in the Smile Lines area could be the treatment for you.

Whether it is the marionette lines or the nasolabial fold lines that bother you... or perhaps both.  Dermal Fillers is a great solution without any surgery.    The clear filler that is injected into the skin plumps up this area softening those annoying lines.  

Curious if using smile lines filler is for you?  Why not set up a complimentary consultation with one of our Certified Nurse Injectors so you two can chat.  Together you can come up with a plan of action that works for you.  610-351-6605.

Before & After


Results of Smile Lines Filler

To the left notice the before and after picture of a client at the Anllo Center who had filler on her smile lines.  You can see that the deep wrinkles you see around the client's mouth on the left side (before picture) are made much smoother on the right side (after picture).  The filler plumped up this area giving this client a much more youthful appearance.  Yet, she still looks very natural.

Check out the video below

Check out the video below to see what the client looked like before, how much filler the Certified Nurse Injector used on her and hear from the client as to how her experience at the Anllo Center was.

Filler for the Smile Lines

Check out this video for the results of using filler on the smile lines.